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A movement of humans who believe that the magic of real-life connection has the power to uplift, elevate, and inspire.

Our Story

We believe in positivity, doing good, saying Hi - and any real moment where people can look each other in the eye and connect.

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What is Connection?

It’s an unexpected laugh together. The biggest hug ever. When you realize you’re both from the same hometown that’s 800 miles from here. Telling another person you believe in her. A high five. A smile. Sitting down on the curb beside a stranger. Moving your books so someone else can sit down to study. It’s a return to real-life interaction.

Connection is delicate and mighty; finite and expansive; detailed and abstract; scientific and unexplainable. 

It’s that special feeling when two hearts align or when two souls meet. When people choose to elevate and inspire each other. It’s human magic.

Connection Coin is a movement committed to bringing more of all these good vibes to our world.

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Connection Coins are being shared in real life all over the WORLD

Made My Day

I received this coin by my coach with positive and uplifting message. It r

Great lil coin

Given to me by an awesome regular at the supermarket I work at!

Made Me Smile

I received this coin from my good friend Jaeda in North Carolina via a lett

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Connection Coin, a community of people who believe intentional, positive connections between friends, co-workers and even strangers can change the world.

Through Connection Coin you can give, receive and track coins with positive sayings and unique pin numbers as they pass from person to person spreading positivity, love, and encouragement. Think of "paying it forward" that is trackable! Our goal is that each coin in circulation is passed again and again, creating countless positive face to face connections for people from all over the world. We hope to inspire a return to real life interactions by sharing and celebrating the stories and moments of connection on our news feed.